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Trouble logging in? Try these tips

No Welcome / Login Email

I haven’t received an email with the login link

The emails for the conference platform come from [email protected] Please start by checking your inbox, Junk Mail and Other / Focused inbox for this email address.

If you still can’t find anything; start off by letting us know and we can re-send the email to you. You can contact us using any of the details at the bottom of this page.

Unsupported Browser 

I get the error message “Unsupported Browser”

The conference platform works best in Chrome, Edge or Firefox internet browsers but some organisations use other ones by default.

If you have Chrome, Edge or Firefox installed on your laptop please start by opening one of them. Then, instead of clicking the link in the email you’ve received from us, right click it and go to ‘Copy Hyperlink’. Paste this link into the web address bar at the top of Chrome / Firefox / Edge.

That’s it!

If you’re still struggling, read on, or contact us using any of the details at the bottom of this page.

No Access to Chrome / Firefox / Edge

I can’t access Chrome, Edge or Firefox on my work laptop

We understand that some organisations don’t allow access to these browsers and prefer to use other internet browsers by default. In some organisations e.g. prisons, you can book out a computer to use, which often has Chrome, Firefox or Edge installed. Otherwise, the best option would be to access the platform on a personal device if possible – this can be a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop.

You still log in using your work email address, but from a home device that does allow one of these three internet browsers.



Microsoft Edge logo      Mozilla Firefox logo      Google Chrome logo

Magic Code

I’ve managed to get into Swapcard, but I’m being asked for a Magic Code.

That’s great news that you’re already in the platform – you’re almost there. Please use the code MJIT21AKK

And if all else fails...

If none of the above are working for you, or you’d just like to speak to someone in person you can contact the team direct:

Email: [email protected]


Nick: 0161 211 3060

Brogan: 0161 211 3034

Lauren: 0161 211 3442

Will: 0161 211 3038

Jessica: 0203 770 6557