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Outlining the Ministry of Justice’s long term vision – content coming soon.

  • Outlining the justice system’s digital journey-  from getting the basics sorted (putting services online) to the present (redesigning services for the digital age)
  • Projecting a short distance into the future: what things are likely to look like in 5-10 years’ time

Headline Sponsor Session presented by Amazon Web Services – content coming soon.

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  • The system we are reforming
  • The Crime Programme – making progress with our partners
  • New digital services in our civil and family courts, and tribunals
  • Transforming our infrastructure

  • Anticipating the challenges of integrating data and technology of the future
  • Outlining how transformative technologies can increase accuracy and transparency within the Justice sector
  • Creating a cultural change within the Ministry of Justice in order to boost efficiency in data handling and enhance collaborative efforts with external bodies

  • How we are replacing paper and no longer relying on discs to exchange data within the Criminal Justice System.
  • Our work to migrate services to the cloud
  • How our operating model and supplier landscape is evolving

  • Building a mobile platform where operational officers can operate across a number of IT systems
  • Collaborating with the Home Office £175m Police Transformation Fund to install apps on mobile devices of 5,500 front-line officers at West Yorkshire Police and 180 CSIs across Yorkshire and Humber
  • Using a scanning device to allow officers to compare a person’s fingerprints with records stored on two national biometric databases in real time
  • Development of an app for CSI to transmit fingerprints direct from crime scenes to back office systems for rapid suspect identification.

Crime has decreased throughout the Western World and the advancement of technology is one of the primary reasons.

Learning Points

  • Mobile communication has changed the game for suspect apprehension
  • Digital evidence is everywhere and police agencies are trying to keep pace
  • Citizens are now active participants in crime-solving by collecting digital evidence
  • Securing the conduit of data via Blockchain will assure evidence chain-of-custody
  • Efficiencies in back-office police support systems act as a “force-multiplier”
  • The cloud is the future of policing, but there is an on-prem cloud service option

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Afternoon Address by the Chair of the Conference

  • Improving data sharing to establish joint technological solutions that enable integration between agencies
  • Increasing the abundance of digital evidence to ensure long term integrity and accessibility
  • Developing digital investigations and intelligence capabilities to deter cyber dependent criminality

Key Supporter Session presented by Accenture – content coming soon.

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  • Developing a specialist platform on smartphones and tablets to enhance policing outcomes
  • Using an app that can take witness statements and report stop-and-search procedures, leading to the force saving 1,000 eight-hour shifts
  • Creating an officer-led initiative that has been built with preventative technologies to accommodate the personal use of these gadgets

  • Piloting in-cell content management service in order to increase digital literacy in prisoners and lower re-offender rates
  • Creating an agile user interface for prison officers in order to facilitate better cell management
  • Deploying p-NOMIS on the move to reduce time spent on administrative tasks by prison officers

  • Using Big Data to predict the locations of future crimes in order to move effectively and deploy resources to prevent them
  • Promoting an organisational culture and workforce that will work effectively under accurately accumulated and analysed data
  • Outlining the impact of the Data Protection Bill and GDPR within the Justice and Crime Sector
  • Integrating data-driven insights to traditional policing expertise to enhance evidence based policing



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