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Modernising Criminal Justice Webinar Series

To help our community of sponsors and our wider audience of suppliers reach, connect and engage with senior decision-makers in the Criminal Justice Sector, we have set up a series of webinars. The first of which will take place on 3rd June 2020 (11am-12pm) . If you have any questions about the Sponsorship opportunities for the new webinar series please see below:

Capturing Silver Linings in a Dark Cloud: COVID-19 as a catalyst to transformation in the criminal justice landscape

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges for the criminal justice system. With a combination of cramped conditions, poor sanitisation and overcrowding, the prison estate has been described as an epidemiological time bomb: the perfect breeding ground for the spread of infectious diseases. 

The global pandemic has forced criminal justice agencies to reflect on how to manage the prison population and how to protect public health. With 321 confirmed cases of coronavirus among prisoners and 293 among staff, we shall explore the emergency measures designed to contain the spread of the virus inside our prisons and beyond.  Over 4,000 offenders are due for early release, so will the crisis tilt the scale in favour of probation over prisons? 

Headline Partner:

Sit on a panel of experts from The Parole Board for England & Wales, Unilink, HMPPS and De Montfort University as we discuss: 

  • The measures taken across the world, including the suspension of short sentences and the early release of prisoners   
  • In the absence of proper testing for coronavirus and basic protection measures such as sanitisation and social distancing- what meaningful steps have been taken to date? 

  • What does a risk assessment for prisoners look like?  
  • What provisions are in place for vulnerable offenders including older prisoners, immuno-compromised individuals and pregnant women?  
  • How has lockdown affected overall offender and staff wellbeing? 

Who Should Partner this Webinar?

Partners will supply one or more of the following solutions:
  • Video conferencing / Virtual Visits Platform
  • GPS Tagging & Electronic Monitoring
  • Screening & Detection
  • Safety & Security
  • Digital Learning Platforms
  • Rehabilitation Programmes

Who will be viewing this Webinar?

We will deliver this strictly public sector webinar to a 300 strong audience of:
  • Heads of Justice  
  • Heads of Facilities Management   
  • Prison Governors   
  • Directors of Prisons   
  • Heads of Digital Transformation 
  • Senior Probation Officers  
  • Custodial Managers 
  • Mental Health Managers 
  • Heads of Reducing Re-Offending

What are the benefits of sponsoring?

Whether you want to lead the conversation around prison reform or generate brand awareness in your target sector, there are packages available to help you achieve these goals.

Alongside speaking opportunities, sponsors will benefit from promotion and branding coverage on the live webinar, your brand featured on all promotional emails and social media about the webinar, sent to delegates of the live event in September and our wider Justice community.

What are the costs to get involved?

Our entry-level package, limited to 3 organisations, starts at £2000+VAT and will guarantee the promotion of your brand.

Our Headline Partner package, exclusive to one company, includes sitting on our panel of experts to address the audience of 300 senior justice professionals costs £5,000+VAT.