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Francis Toye

Founder & CEO
Unilink (Confirmed)

Francis Toye is the Founder and CEO of the award winning Unilink Group.  The Unilink Group comprises four UK operating companies and has also offices in Australia, South Africa, Norway and the Netherlands in addition.  The Head Office is based in London. The company is privately owned and focussed upon developing innovative technology for the justice sector including Police and prisons. Unilink is a world leader in prisoner self-service, offender management and probation software.  This has been demonstrated through independent evidence from the University of York which shows that the software contributes significantly towards rehabilitation in the prisons in the UK where it is operating today. Unilink was established in 1994. The Unilink Group now employs over 150 staff across four operating companies specialising in the Justice Sector. It is an award winning UK medium sized company with multiple awards for Innovation (2011) and in 2015 won two awards as the overall UK Digital Leader as well as the best Citizen Services application for “email a prisoner”. Unilink is currently active in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. Francis’ early career was in IBM before he left in 1993 setting up Unilink.

  • Announcing a £156m cash boost for prisons across England & Wales to assist in the essential maintenance of the prison estate
  • Piloting cutting edge technology across the country to increase prisoners’ access to vital services and reduce pressure on prison & healthcare staff; including virtual GP clinics, automatic drug dispensing and data sharing between custody & community settings
  • Emphasizing the contribution of self-service software toward the efficient running of prisons and the successful rehabilitation of offenders
  • Understanding the limitations of prison rehabilitation programmes and the work which desperately needs to be continued outside of bars in order to improve reintegration back into society