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Professor Tom Kirchmaier

Professor of Governance, Regulation, Risk and Compliance and Research Economist
Copenhagen Business School and LSE (Confirmed)

Tom Kirchmaier is Professor of Governance, Regulation, Risk and Compliance at the Copenhagen Business School, and Visiting Senior Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics. Tom is an empirical economist interested in developing novel insights into risk and performance of financial and non-financial organisations using large firm-level data sets. The aim is to answer questions that are of interest in Economics, Corporate Finance and Management. In the governance space, he is interested in issues of governance models, boards, shareholder rights, and ownership. He is also working on an array of questions around the economics of policing and crime.

  • Using Big Data to predict the locations of future crimes in order to move effectively and deploy resources to prevent them
  • Promoting an organisational culture and workforce that will work effectively under accurately accumulated and analysed data
  • Outlining the impact of the Data Protection Bill and GDPR within the Justice and Crime Sector
  • Integrating data-driven insights to traditional policing expertise to enhance evidence based policing