Iain Donnelly

Police Lead for the National Data Analytics Solution Project (NDAS)

West Midlands Police HQ (Confirmed)

Iain is an experienced investigator, having spent over 25 years in a variety of intelligence, covert policing, counter-terrorism and serious crime investigation roles in London and the West Midlands. He has managed complex organisational change projects, specialising in performance management and lean systems. He is also an experienced child protection professional and worked directly to the NPCC lead for Child Protection (CC Simon Bailey), driving UK-wide improvements in the policing response to Child Sexual Exploitation. He most recently worked in criminal intelligence and was the West Midlands Police force lead for Digital Investigations and Intelligence. He led the foundation phase of the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS). NDAS will generate actionable, predictive insights from multiple datasets to help U.K. Law Enforcement prioritise resources in order to tackle those issues that pose the greatest risk to the public.