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Ian Williams

Chief Inspector of Digital Mobile Policing
West Yorkshire Police (Confirmed)

Ian is a police Chief Inspector currently serving with West Yorkshire Police as the Business lead for Digital Policing, with 31 years’ service having initially joined the Metropolitan Police before transferring.  His passion in policing was always community/partnership and public order based but lately, the need to digitally enable the front-line officer has probably out trumped both of these. Ian has spent the first 15 years as an operational uniformed PC in Central London which assists greatly now, as a leader charged with delivering solutions on behalf of those who still work at the coal face. Upon promotion, he quickly specialised in Community Policing, winning the Colin Cramphorn Trophy for services to neighbourhood policing in 2010 and representing West Yorkshire Police at the national awards. Ian has also developed an Integrated Partnership Hub to identify and tackle hidden vulnerabilities not catered for in mainstream work, this involved integration of IT and co-location of resources. Latterly in his current role, Ian has work with IT to ensure that Digital Products meet the requirements of operational officers, but perhaps more significantly, delivering the cultural change required to ensure its effective use. Working with our current supplier, Ian has  pushed the agenda to achieve greater and more innovative integration both internally and collaboratively with other forces and partner agencies, with his team winning the Paperless in Public Sector award for Process and Workflow Project of the year in 2016. Public Order has been a theme throughout my career and, and has been a Bronze Commander for several years. Ian also regularly perform the role of Firearms Silver Commander.

  • Building a mobile platform where operational officers can operate across a number of IT systems
  • Collaborating with the Home Office £175m Police Transformation Fund to install apps on mobile devices of 5,500 front-line officers at West Yorkshire Police and 180 CSIs across Yorkshire and Humber
  • Using a scanning device to allow officers to compare a person’s fingerprints with records stored on two national biometric databases in real time
  • Development of an app for CSI to transmit fingerprints direct from crime scenes to back office systems for rapid suspect identification.

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