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Agenda - Join us online at the virtual summit to hear from these world-class speakers.

12th November 2020

8:30 am
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9:05 am
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Before proceedings get underway, this short explainer session will explore how you can get the most out of our new next generation summit platform.

Our team will run through how to make virtual connections, creating networking meet ups, accessing content on demand and how to use our new Q&A, chat functions and virtual polling tools during the day.

9:10 am
Chair's Opening Remarks
David Ormerod QC (Hon)
David Ormerod QC (Hon)
Professor of Criminal Justice
University College London
9:20 am
Investing in the Justice System: Ensuring Safety, Security & Decency
  • Investing over £2.5bn into an extra 10,000 new prison places in order to keep the streets safe 
  • Creating a fit-for-purpose prison estate and focusing on the reduction of violence, self-harm and drug-use inside prison walls 
  • Security and our £100m investment  
  • Digital Justice through Digital Transformation and Technology 
  • Reducing reoffending initiatives 
Lucy Frazer QC
Lucy Frazer QC
Solicitor General
Attorney General's Office
9:45 am
Court reform and the challenge of COVID-19 on the criminal courts
  • The challenge of COVID-19 on our courts and how HMCTS had to adapt how it operated the criminal courts almost overnight, to ensure that justice continued to be delivered.
  • An update on the HMCTS £1bn court reform programme and how we’ve been accelerating elements of the programme in response to the pandemic
Gemma Hewison
Gemma Hewison
Strategy & Change Director
HM Courts & Tribunals Service
10:10 am
Seminar - e-Bo Enterprises
Seminar - Egress
Secure delivery of IT services to inmates and staff

In this seminar we will:

  • Address the challenges of delivering IT services in a secure fashion to inmates, illustrated with practical examples of real life situations.
  • Outline and demonstrate the solution offered by PrisonCloud
  • Provide an overview of key features delivering fine grained control and monitoring of service delivery.
Policing in the pandemic: A case study of accelerated secure digital transformation at Devon and Cornwall Police

No organisation has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic – not least, our local police forces. But how do you deliver services into the heart of the community while maintaining your distance?

For Devon and Cornwall Police, the pandemic has accelerated secure digitisation, enabling them to reduce face-to-face contact where appropriate, while also free up officers’ time and increase organisational efficiency.

Join this presentation to learn:

  • How Devon and Cornwall Police has reduced reliance on USB sticks and removable media at speed and at scale during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What the key considerations are for secure digital transformation, with particular focus on multimedia and large files
  • How to improve efficiency without reducing security, ensuring digital transformation projects are resilient over time
  • What your next steps are to identify areas for improvement in your own organisation
Jaime Davies
Jaime Davies
Public Sector Manager
Egress Software Technologies
Senior Representative
Senior Representative
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
10:55 am
Break, Virtual Exhibition Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups

Your opportunity to make the most of the virtual Conference, meet up with fellow delegates and exhibitors, make connections, tour our real-time resources and content and take part on discussions via the tailored channels.

11:25 am
Panel Discussion: Rehabilitation not Recidivism: Starting from within Prison Walls
  • Announcing a £156m cash boost for prisons across England & Wales to assist in the essential maintenance of the prison estate
  • Piloting cutting edge technology across the country to increase prisoners’ access to vital services and reduce pressure on prison & healthcare staff; including virtual GP clinics, automatic drug dispensing and data sharing between custody & community settings
  • Emphasizing the contribution of self-service software toward the efficient running of prisons and the successful rehabilitation of offenders
  • Understanding the limitations of prison rehabilitation programmes and the work which desperately needs to be continued outside of bars in order to improve reintegration back into society
Pia Sinha
Pia Sinha
Acting Deputy Director – Probation Reform Programme, Probation Directorate
Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service
Mark Johnson MBE
Mark Johnson MBE
User Voice
Ann Caple
Ann Caple
UK Account Director for Ministry of Justice
12:05 pm
Fireside Chats & Roundtables
Our fireside chats and roundtable sessions are open to all attendees. The sessions will allow attendees to drive their own learning and share experiences with others on a number of different subject areas.
12:25 pm
Lunch, Exhibition & Networking

Your opportunity to make the most of the virtual Conference, meet up with fellow delegates and exhibitors, make connections, tour our real-time resources and content and take part on discussions via the tailored channels. 

1:15 pm
Seminar - Wolfvision
Seminar - Meganexus
Seminar - JournalTech
A hybrid, collaborative approach to the courtroom

Join us in this session where we will discuss how you can implement a hybrid, collaborative approach to the court room.

This session will cover:

  • Cynap as the technology hub for courtrooms
  • BYOD in the court and trends toward more touch screen technology
  • Annotation and content sharing
  • Covid-19 and explosion of virtual courts
  • Live streaming to adjoining courtrooms / general public and the media
  • Importance of network and content security in court
  • State of the art but simple and easy to use technology
Digital collaboration – Shifting the perspective and placing the service user at the core of the system

Seminar outline and learning points –

  • The importance of digital collaboration through innovative technology
  • APT – software solution designed with service user at its core
  • Shift the perspective from case worker oriented software to service users platform where digital collaboration is encouraged
  • Supporting vulnerable population and empowering vulnerable population
Chris Horton
Chris Horton
Head of Sales and Marketing
International Case Study - Going Live during Covid

While Covid upset best laid plans, the South Australia Courts Administration Authority brought its new case management system live in May 2020, and Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench went live on its new case management system in July 2020. Each navigated new challenges to maintain traction.

Our panellists will summarise:

  • Project strategies that worked
  • What did not work
  • Techniques they will utilise in future
David Connoley
David Connoley
Executive Director, CourtSA
South Australia Courts Administration Authority
Adam Hicks
Adam Hicks
Queen's Bench J-Star Project Lead, Strategic Systems and Innovation Branch
Government of Saskatchewan, Canada
David K Smith
David K Smith
Co-Director of International eCourt Implementations
Journal Technologies
1:50 pm
Justice during and after COVID: where next on the digital justice journey
  • Looking at the global landscape during this time and the acceleration on the digital justice journey
Emma Feggetter
Emma Feggetter
UK Justice Lead
2:10 pm
Strengthening the Probation Service
  • Addressing the impact of the Unified Model on the quality of the service which probation officers provide and ensuring a smooth transition from the current model. 
  • Developing a comprehensive workforce strategy for probation and how we plan to professionalise the workforce.  
  • Focusing on improving probations influence with the wider justice sector, including with court reform. 
Amy Rees
Amy Rees
Director General for Probation & Wales
HM Prison & Probation Service
2:30 pm
Panel Discussion: What Works? Preventing Young People from being Coerced into Crime
  • Setting up the Youth Endowment Fund to address the risks associated with children and young people becoming involved in violent behavior and crime
  • Expanding the National County Lines Coordination Centre to disrupt county lines activity across the UK
  • Exploring the ways that young people engage with the justice sector and what they want from the police
  • Discussing the impact of mental illness and vulnerability on a young person’s likelihood to engage with crime, and the ways the sector can work to prevent issues early on
  • Understanding why young people feel the need to carry weapons and what can be done to help those who do
  • Understanding the red flags to stop youths being bribed or coerced into gang or criminal related activity
Gwenton Sloley
Gwenton Sloley
Crying Son's
Caroline Adams
Caroline Adams
Staff Officer, Children & Young People's Portfolio
Sussex Police HQ
Lib Peck
Lib Peck
London Violence Reduction Unit
3:00 pm
Break, Virtual Exhibition Networking and Live Delegate Meet Ups

Your opportunity to make the most of the virtual Conference, meet up with fellow delegates and exhibitors, make connections, tour our real-time resources and content and take part on discussions via the tailored channels.

3:25 pm
Probation Services
Presentation with SSCL
The valuable role both private and VSCE sectors still have to play in delivery of probation services post-unification
  • Understanding the challenge and importance of delivering high quality services in contracts for probation and other justice services –  A CRC perspective of the lessons to be learned from Transforming Rehabilitation as we move towards a unified model and the potential loss of innovation when the probation service unifies.
  • Exploring the potential of the unified model for probation to drive better services and outcomes for services users and communities, if focused effectively on supporting the delivery of a diverse range of rehabilitative interventions and services.
Kirsty Blair
Kirsty Blair
Interim Managing Director
MTC Group
How a digital technology company helped create immersive learning experiences to prevent knife crime

How technology can enhance immersive learning to support prevention and early intervention programmes

The Ben Kinsella Exhibition is a unique immersive learning experience, educating 4,000 young people every year about the dangers and knife crime and how to keep stay safe.  In 2018 digital tech experts Sopra Steria and its joint Venture Shared Services Connected Limited partnered with BKT  to explore the role technology can play in expanding vision to create new immersive educational experiences aimed at preventing knife crime.

Session outline and learning points – 

Experiential learning is personal, influencing both feelings and emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skills.  Young people respond really well to this type of intervention allowing tailored learning experiences to provide a unique emotional experience.

  • Find out more about this partnership and how Sopra Steria and its  Joint Venture SSCL has been able to use its innovation and technology expertise turning it into practical support to drive better outcomes for more young people potentially at risk of knife crime.
  • Discover how domain knowledge from BKT was transformed into  new  innovative  ways to educate young people.
  • See the results of how Virtual Reality has played a big part in this and how it has been developed into BKT’s existing model in its Choices and Consequences video.


3:45 pm
Parole Reform
Digital Justice
Community Sentence
Overseeing Reform of the Parole Board
  • Embracing new victim rights to provide better information to victims, resulting in over 3,500 summaries of our decisions being issued to victims 
  • Adopting a change programme to create a new review mechanism to allow parole decisions to be challenged (by a victim or prisoner) 
  • Bringing greater transparency on the work of the Parole Board through accessible Youtube videos, public-facing blogs & social media  
  • Building better understanding of the role of the board with other CJS agencies to ensure better information flow 
  • concluding one of the most successful BAME public appointment campaigns in Government – more than tripling BAME members – to start to tackle the Lammy recommendations. 
  • How the Board has responded to the COVID 19 restrictions 
Martin Jones
Martin Jones
The Parole Board for England & Wales
Digital Justice: Rebuilding a Better Criminal Justice System with Effective Collaboration
  • Digital Policing – Increasing Collaboration through Digital Technology key to fighting crime 
  • The need to adapt through modern IT Infrastructure and Digital Transformation to make our Police and Criminal Justice Sector more efficient and effective to fight a new kinds of tech-enabled crime 
  • Building the foundations for a digital future across policing that will: 
  • Set a course for a new trust model across policing and with the criminal justice system 
  • Create a modular and flexible technology estate that enables secure collaboration between connected partner 
  • Make better use of digital intelligence and evidence and transfer all material in a digital format to the CJ 
  • Use off-the-shelf cloud-based applications and tools to speed interaction with the CJS, partner organisations and the public 
  • Remove the silo ways of thinking and build a partnership approach based on sharing and collaboration 
Alex Bowen
Alex Bowen
Deputy Director
National Enabling Programmes
Reviewing the Community Sentence Treatment Requirements Programme
  • Partnership programme launched in 2017  
  • The Programme aims to reduce re-offending and provide alternatives to short custodial sentences  by directly addressing underlying mental health and substance  misuse issues which may contribute towards offending behaviour 
  • Increase the use of the three treatment requirements for mental health, drug and/or alcohol issues 
  • Integrated partnerships working together to increase the use and awareness of mental health, substance misuse and associated vulnerable 
Mignon French JP
Mignon French JP
Community Sentence Treatment Requirement (CSTR) Programme Manager
On Behalf of: MoJ, NHS England and NHS Improvement, DHSC, PHE and HMPPS
4:10 pm
In conversation with Dame Vera Baird QC

We are delighted to close our conference with a live one to one interview with Dame Vera Baird DBE QC.

Dame Vera Baird QC is currently the Victims’ Commissioner for England & Wales, responsible for promoting the interests of victims and witnesses of crime. She previously served as a Labour MP, the Solicitor General for England & Wales and a Police and Crime Commissioner. This was after practising as a criminal barrister for many years.

Dame Vera Baird
Dame Vera Baird
Victims' Commissioner for England & Wales
4:40 pm
Close of Conference